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Grassroot Media's amateur sports club advertising network is the first of its kind in the world. We have over 800 A3 sized poster panels inside over 250 cricket and sports clubs across the country delivering over 45,000 individuals in its biggest month. We also have large-scale opportunities in cycling and motor racing and are always interested in hearing from representatives from other sports, clubs and teams that need to generate sponsorship or advertising revenues.


If you're a football or cricket club we can make you money for nothing (well, we do ask you to a little bit of work each month changing our posters but we'll never ask you for any money). Just click the CLUBS tab above for more information. We also give our member clubs access to our growing library of documents and guides to help you come up with more (and easier) ways of making your clubs money. These include things like sales presentation templates that you can download, amend and use to target local businesses to generate 

extra revenue for your clubs and guides on how to write a sales strategy among other things. Lastly, member clubs also receive our free monthly print magazine which (we think) has lots of interesting articles aimed at those who run sports clubs, people like you!


If you are looking to target those who actually play sport, not those who just watch it, then you've come to the right place. Our unique poster sites give you a chance to engage directly with footballers and cricketers before, during and after the weekly game they care so much about. You can also take pleasure in the fact that every campaign we run for your brand is helping the game from the grassroots up.

Aside from football and cricket we are also working on projects in cycling (Tour de France) and motor racing (British Touring Car championship/BTCC) that deliver footfall in the hundred's of thousands, and TV viewers in the millions. You can find these opportunities the ADVERTISING section.
you is actually helping our grassroots sports clubs, as over half the revenue goes directly to the clubs that make up our network. So not only does it deliver an incredibly targeted audience, in a hugely relevant environment, in a fantastically positive frame of mind, but there's oodles of "feel good factor" too that our advertisers experience. Being arelatively small media owner with a very short management chain we are able to move quickly whenever any of our advertisers have an idea on how they can use our clubs & players to really make the most of your campaign. So, have a look around the ADVERTISERS page (link at top of this page) and see what we do and how we do it.


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Matthew Court,
8 Nov 2013, 08:54